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Engaging Child Care

Giving Your Child the Tools They Need to Develop

Trust Horizons Childcare to look after your child and help them develop during their early years. We welcome children 6 weeks to 12 years with many different education programs and activities.

We have formula, wipes, food, learning materials, toys, and bedding for your convenience, we ask that parents provide diapers.

Meals meet CACFP (Colorado Adult and Child Food Program) standards and include breakfast, lunch, snack, infant formula, and infant cereal.

What We Offer

  • Creative curriculum
  • Early childhood education classes
  • Outside playground
  • Year round programs
  • Transport to district 3 and district 8 schools
Child care center staff

Qualified Teachers and Staff

Our teachers are trained in CPR and First Aid, undergo standard precaution training, and get additional training of over 15 hours per year. We have a nurse on-call who visits our site monthly.
Father and children

Lots of Fun Things to Look Forward To

  • Monthly family partnership nights
  • Weekly library visits
  • Summer field trips
  • Monthly newsletter
Outdoor play

Culture of Wellness and Preschools Program

Physical Activity

Outdoor Play
  • Teachers lead structured physical activities twice daily
  • A variety of portable play equipment is freely available to children at all times
  • Outdoor play facilities are developmentally appropriate and well maintained
  • Staff join children in active free play
  • Outdoor play is never removed as punishment
  • Children engage in daily outdoor play, weather permitting

Indoor Environment
  • Staff lead music and movement actives daily
  • Physical activity and healthy eating visuals as posted in classrooms and common spaces
  • Staff lead short activity sessions throughout the day to encourage frequent movement

Physical Activity Education
  • Children participate in Culture of Wellness Physical Activity lessons and activities

Screen Time
  • Screen time is not used during any snack or meal time and is never used as a reward

Healthy Eating

Meal Time Environment
  • Meals are served family style
  • Staff sit with children during meal times and create social interaction and conversation about the food served
  • Children decide when they are full and are provided enough time to eat snacks and meals
  • Food is not used as a reward or punishment

Food Served
  • Horizons Childcare participates in the USDA food program, providing whole-grain, low-sugar, and low-sodium food at meals and snacks
  • Only low-fat or non-fat white milk is served for children over 2 years of age
  • Fruits and vegetables are served daily
  • Juice is not served, as it has a high sugar content

Nutrition Education
  • Nutrition education and cooking actives are included in lesson plans at least once a month
  • Children participate in food preparation activities
  • Staffs teach children about the taste, smell, and texture of foods, the benefits of eating healthy foods, as well as vocabulary and language skills about food and eating.

Additional Policies
  • Special occasions are celebrated with healthy food or nonfood items
  • Horizons Childcare serves fresh produce from classroom gardens for children to taste
  • A wellness committee is established with parent participation
Discounts Available for Enrolling Multiple Children — Call for More Information
Outside Food Is Not Permitted in Classrooms
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